beATL [bētl]

beATL [bētl – pronounce it beetle] is a unique concept that has been developed and created by Patricia Kalmeijer, right after the unfortunate 2014 World Cup exit of Belgium against Argentina.  After seeing so many Belgian supporters reunited to cheer on their favorite soccer team, there was no doubt in her mind that this community was in an urgent need of a resurgence.  While we value our American lifestyles and experiences, we also wish to maintain a link to our home country.  And so beATL was born.

beATL is a website in the form of a blog dedicated to keep you posted about all Belgian-related events in and around Atlanta.  The idea is that Belgians and Belgophiles will converge here to find out about exhibits, movies, coffees & lunches, celebrations, concerts, city or country walks, guided tours, happy hours, … all linked with this small, cute and crazy country called Belgium.  All nations are welcome!

If you know about any event that might interest our Belgian community, please send us an email with all the details and we will gladly publish it for you.

Also by popular request, Patricia – under the umbrella of beATL – will reinstate the famous Belgian Cafes based on a simple concept:
– Discover new places in the City to meet other Belgians and their friends once a month (except December), on the first Thursday, from 6.30 PM onward for an evening of mingling, socializing, drinks and a bite.
– Everybody is welcome and everyone pays for his/her own drinks/snacks.

In addition, beATL will offer to its followers, a series of social get-togethers.  At least four times per years, Patricia Kalmeijer and her friend Alexandra Gobbi will bring the Belgian community together, in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere.  In a few weeks, you will find out what they have in mind!


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