first beATL cafe today

What a remarkable entrance!  Since beATL’s launch on July 7th, five (5) different Belgian-related activities (for Atlanta and its surroundings alone!) were posted: 2 concerts, 1 dinner, 1 exhibit and the first Belgian Café …

During the month of July, the blog was viewed 1331 times and it welcomed 425 visitors averaging 53 views per day!   In addition, the blog has now 81 groupies.  beATL has also infested Facebook (group), LinkedIn (group), Google+ and Twitter(@be_atl)…

Be part of this healthy beATL outbreak:

  • rush over today starting at 6.30 pm at F&B (RSVP & details) for our first Belgian Café
  • save the date : Monday September 8th for our first Belgian Mondays(replaces the First Thursday)
  • save the date: Sunday September 21st for the first beATL-Time (Beetle Time)
  • take the short easy survey
  • and follow the blog for crusty news

Spread the word and help your beATL grow!

Cheers, proost, santé!  See y’ll tomorrow!


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