what about a movie?

Mood Indigo – L’écume des jours (2013) –   from Michel Gondry is now showing at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.  Don’t be fooled by the brochette of French actors … beATL discovered that Belgian actors Jean-Pierre Denuit (Concierge conférence) and Frederic Etherlinck (born Frédéric Van Goitsenhoven-Maeterlinck – Interviewer Partre) are amongst the cast.   In addition, co-producer Genevieve Lemal and Alexia De Coster (coordinator in charge of production) belong to the Belgians behind the scenes… Not to mention they filmed for 2 weeks in Saint-Gilles (Brussels) and at the KIK-IRPA (Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage – Cinquantenaire) where its remarkable helical suspended stairwell running over 5 floors plays a role in the movie.   Maybe it’s a little stretch since the Belgian rooted actors don’t have the most exciting roles but they give us enough reason to declare it a Belgian-related movie!

So before it disappears from this screen – as typically they don’t stay that long, let’s go to the movies:

Join Queen beATL Patricia on  for a movie night on Wednesday August 13th,  for a seance at 7.20 pm.  After the movie, we can have a drink at the close by ‘Après Diem’.


  • Landmark Midtown Art Cinema | 931 Monroe Dr NE – C212, Atlanta, GA 30308 (located in the Midtown Promenade Center)
  • Cost: $11 for general admission; $8 Senior (62+); $8  child (-12); $8.75 Student (Mon-Thurs only).  Buy online to skip the lines but note that there will be a non-refundable service charge of $1 per ticket.
  • Meeting Point: inside the theater, around the door of the auditorium (theater 5) where the movie will be played.
  • Movie: 94 mins – subtitled – NR (non rated but 15+ advised – check the trailers to see if this movie is suitable for your child)
  • Parking & Directions: free within the Midtown Promenade Center
  • The nearest MARTA train station is the Midtown Station (on the RED and GOLD lines), located on 10th Street 1.5 miles from the theater. From there, both the #36 and the #99 MARTA buses stop near the Midtown Promenade which is located at the intersection of 8th Street and Monroe Drive.

Mood Indigo


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