Belgian potluck – 1/31/2015

Our very first event of 2015 looks really promising, since I don’t know any Belgian who doesn’t like to gather around a table with a pintje in his/her hand … So get ready to dig into grand-mama’s cookbook for the one good old family recipe, that will make us all salivate!  There is no better place than our Belgian – homemade (I do insist on that) – Potluck to show off your culinary talents!  However, if the mere thought of mixing ingredients together to produce something edible, stresses you out; then there are other ‘jobs’ available for you… No excuse! Please consult the sign-up sheet.  We want to see all of you!

beATLes Gitte and Rik will welcome you and your family on Saturday January 31st from 5.30 pm in their home in Marietta.


  • When: Saturday January 31st, 2015 from 5.30 pm
  • Where: address will be privately shared in due time to those who RSVP-ed positively
  • RSVP is a must
  • Sign up sheet is a must – The exact number of guests will be known on Monday the 26th
  • This event is for the whole family

Some tips:

  • although the term “potluck” suggests a random assortment of dishes, the idea is to focus on Belgian (style) food
  • make as much of the dish in advance as you can
  • bring your dish in a to-go container
  • bring a serving dish and serving utensils
  • label your dish(es) if they cannot be traced back to you
  • all those who are gluten intolerant, food allergenic, vegans or have any kind dietary challenge(s) are requested to bring their own food to avoid any mishaps
  • bring something for your kids if you think they would firmly be convinced that our potluck is nothing for them.




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