fellow Belgians in the news in 2014

With a growing Belgian community in and around Atlanta, there is no surprise that some of our compatriots ‘make the news”.  In this blog article beATL proudly presents four Georgia-based Belgians, all from very different fields, who got some paparazzi attention during the course of 2014 (apologies if someone is missing … send me the info and he/she will be added).  Please meet Rudolf, Guy, Lode and Marie.

Prof. Rudolf Lucas – a Belgian researcher, at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, made an important breakthrough towards a better treatment of pneumonia.  To fully capture this, let’s start with a quick lesson: the millions of lung sacs in our lungs are vital for life, since they are responsible for the transfer of oxygen to our blood. In case of pulmonary edema, as can occur during severe pneumonia, these sacs become filled with liquid and breathing is impaired. Prof. Lucas and his team have developed a small protein (called a peptide), which, upon inhalation, activates the clearance of liquid from the lung sacs in pneumonia patients, by means of a unique and novel mechanism. He is now evaluating whether this peptide can improve treatment of lung edema, a condition for which no standard treatment exists.

Source: Tom Corwin, Health Reporter – The Augusta Chronicle

Guy Wollaert – After over five years of intense research, our Gentenaar has proudly presented his new baby: the green Coca-Cola aka Coca-Cola Life, easily recognizable on the shelves.  It only hit the American market mid last year and should be available in Belgium as we speak.  After the introduction of Coca-Cola Zero (2006), it was time to satisfy the large target audience seeking a soda that meets a healthier lifestyle.  The drink is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract.  A Life-tin of 330 ml contains 89 calories, compared to 139 for a classic Coca-Cola.

Source – De Standaard

Lode Van Laere, another Gantois, grabbed the attention of luxury magazine Jezebel in its October publication. Intimacy {bra fit stylists} is the US retail arm of the Belgian lingerie producer Van de Velde.  It’s almost Valentine’ Day, so stop by their location in Phipps Plaza.  Scrutinize the picture to see more Belgian faces! For the online version go to the archives.

Source: Jezebel Oct 2014

Source: Jezebel Oct 2014

Marie Scott, formally Marie Jeanne Goethals born in Leuven, has been named by the American Association of Teachers of French – Georgia Chapter – the 2014 French Teacher of the Year!  Marie is a French teacher at Starr’s Mill High in Peachtree City since 2000.

Source: Fayette County Board of Education



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