hackathon – 24-26th April, 2015

UCB, InBioVeritas and HealthStartup need your expertise, creativity and technical know-how!  Whether you’re a designer, a developer, a communicator or an entrepreneur, they need your skills.   For a small registration fee, participate in a HACKATHON to Hack Epilepsy here in Atlanta – or in Brussels – on 24-26th April, 2015.  This is an opportunity for you to use your expertise, creativity and specialist skills to build innovative digital tools to break down barriers, bridge gaps and bring new solutions to the challenges of living with epilepsy. Teams will have a chance to win one of three cash prizes!

You don’t need to know about epilepsy.  At Hack Epilepsy, doctors and patients will explain more about epilepsy and what it means to live with unpredictable seizures. You’ll gain all the insights you need to develop meaningful prototype digital solutions which can make a much-needed difference to the epilepsy community.

Each team’s presentation will be evaluated based on:

• Ability to meet real needs of people with epilepsy
• Creativity, innovation and originality
• Feasibility of implementation
• Quality of the presentation and demonstration

The winners will be announced on Sunday 26 April.

More info: Hack Epilepsy


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