Blind Wine Tasting – 4/11/2015

While Belgium is worldwide known for its numerous beers, our vineyards remain of modest reputation. Nevertheless, Belgians love a good glass of wine so beATL has the perfect solution for you … Join us on Saturday April 11th for a Blind Wine Tasting evening in Buckhead.  This is one of the best ways to formulate an unbiased opinion about the wine and will forces you to concentrate on every tiny aspect of the wine.  So join us and stick your nose in a glass of wine, give it a couple of sniffs, a couple of swirls and a couple of sips.

You don’t need to be a Master Sommelier to participate and you will not be blindfolded!  It will be an interesting and fun evening.  Our fabulous beATLe-host and connoisseur Cathy Huyghe will bring her knowledge to the table (or should I say the bar).

Cathy Huyghe is a dynamic media professional with a special interest in wine and the spirit of hospitality. She is also an effective, engaging public speaker on subjects ranging from wine and gastronomy to digital media and entrepreneurship.  She currently writes for Forbes online and  Cathy is working on her first book — Hungry for Wine.  Her writing and photographs have also appeared in print, online, and on the radio for outlets including BBC America, Decanter, The Atlantic, DailyBeast, Worth magazine, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post. She has worked for some of the world’s most celebrated chefs, including Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, and Jean-Pierre Vigato, and she is the founder of Harvard Alumni in Wine and Food.  Read more about Cathy.

Please read carefully the “What” in the logistics section below for ‘what’ to bring and RSVP.


  • When: Saturday April 11th, 2015 at 6.30 pm
  • Where: Chris & Cathy – Buckhead (address will be disclosed close to the date to the yes-RSVP’s)
  • Parking: off-street.  Please park on the same side as others since it is a residential ‘curbed’ street.  Don’t block driveways or firehydrants.
  • What: each participant is required to bring 2 identical bottles, from anywhere in the world of either Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir, a yummy cheese to share (with a print-out about the cheese) and your own glass of wine.
  • Misc: Due to the type of activity, we are sorry but no children.  And make sure that you organize a safe way to get back home … Bob, Uber, taxi … Don’t drink and drive!
  • RSVP is a must no later than Wednesday April 8th.



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