belgian waffle tasting – 2/20/2016

Just the idea of an authentic Belgian Waffle … this event cannot come sooner enough!

beATLes Chris and Cathy invite us in their wonderful home in Buckhead on Saturday February 20th from 3 til 5 pm for the celebratory launch of the Belgian Waffle Exchange!  Luikse wafels/gauffres de Liège [old fashion French spelling] are something near and dear to all of us and Chris and Cathy have figured out how to bring that taste – and those memories – here to Atlanta.

Jump on this occasion to sample the waffles, provide your feedback and, perhaps, even plan to work with them!

It’s an event for the whole family with limited registrations.  RSVP (event is full, sorry) is a must as you can imagine… and you will need to BYOB [bring your own beverage].


  • When: Saturday February 20th, 2016 from 3 – 5 pm
  • Where: address indicated in RSVP.  Do not forward the RSVP for privacy reasons!
  • BYOB!
  • Parking:  please be considerate towards the neighbors, their driveway and firehydrant.  Park on the house side of the street only – not on the property.
  • RSVP – event is full, sorry 


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