Belgian THIRSTdays

Due to popular demand, our famous Belgian Cafés will return to Thursdays, from October 2014 with a new name: Belgian THIRSTdays. The principles will remain unchanged:

  • Discover new places in and around the City
  • Meet other Belgians and their Belgophile friends
  • Gather once a month, on the first Thursday, from 7 PM onward (check the blog for exceptions)
  • Enjoy mingling, socializing, drinks and a bite

Everybody is welcome and everyone pays for his/her own drinks/snacks.

If you want to be informed of our next event, follow the blog which is the very best way to be kept posted.  Or sign up here.



  1. I love the initiative. I’m OK witht he change from Thursdays to Mondays, but I’m a little worried about the change to 6:30pm. I’m not sure if that is really feasible for everybody, especially for those coming from outside the perimeter.


    1. Belgian Mondays are scheduled FROM 6.30 pm, giving the flexibility to those coming from further away or hit by traffic to join us at their convenience. No stress, it’s fun time for all! Drive safely!


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