beATL would like to share some of its ‘fundamentals’ to keep growing in harmony.

beATL broadcasts Belgian-related events in and around Atlanta (and sometimes adjacent states to Georgia) in the form of a blog. Its main goal being to alert and inform the Belgian Community about what they should know.  See more on the blog’s ‘about’ page.

beATL has quickly turned into a social gathering place for the Belgian Community: monthly Belgian THIRSTdays, Belgian Ladies Lunches, 21st of July celebration, potlucks, wine tastings, visits, hikes/walks … trying to please every layer of our community: singles, adults, families, kids.

And what your wallet appreciates the most is that beATL is totally free … no membership, no contribution of any kinds. Attendees pay for themselves as needed.

Behind buzzing beATL, there is Patricia Kalmeijer … who is working hard, spending a lot of time and effort and spending some money in order to pursue beATL’s goals for you all to enjoy.

So, please remember that:

  • All events are organized in good faith and with a very good heart.
  • Events are purely social and certainly not a networking place. No exchange of business cards please.  Keep your card distribution for the numerous business events that are specific for such.
  • beATL welcomes all Belgian citizens no matter what linguistic part they are coming from …  we form one harmonious community under one flag: the Belgian one, with no distinction.  Use your preferred language as much as you wish but don’t forget to mingle and make the ‘others’ part of the conversation.  Speak Diplomatese as necessary.
  • Parents are the sole responsible for their family members and cannot rely on any beATL’s members to watch for their loved ones during any of beATL events.
  • beATL’s database is growing fast and beATL respects its subscribers’ trust and privacy and will not share personal information with third-parties. No other instances (Consulate, BACoS or any other chambers, AWEX, FIT,… ) does it so neither does beATL.  No exception.
  • If you have any kind of Belgian-related event that you would like to organize, beATL will gladly publish it on its blog.  Simply send the crusty details to Patricia.
  • If you hear about a Belgian-related event, send the details to Patricia so that she can write an article for the blog and no opportunity will be missed by the Belgian Community.
  • Please always curtesy RSVP… even if not attending.  And if an event is full, it means full for a reason.
  • Don’t forget to inform beATL about your new email address….
  • Follow the blog which is the only official organ of publication!  Likes and comments are welcome! Show your support! It is needed…
  • beATL Facebook page contains reminders of upcoming events, relevant info etc. and also allows friendly interaction between its members.  Looking for a babysitter?  Need to know where to buy Belgians goodies?  Have a travel question?
  • beATL Facebook page is not the place to post charity requests, cookies sales or your moving-sale items (there are specific pages for that) unless it’s just a link.  And certainly not the place to express your religious and political views and/or negative/sarcastic comments. Posts will be removed if inappropriate.
  • Check the ‘links‘ page on the blog: you may be surprised…
  • And read the disclaimers & legalities online

BeATL thanks you for your continuous support and bring us more fans!