Ladies Lunches

The monthly Belgian Ladies Lunches are coordinated by beATL and follow a simple concept:

  • Once a month – day and time to be selected by the hostess (taking into account that some of us have to collect their children from school)
  • Formula is for the hostess to decide:  homemade light meal or full 3-course menu, healthy salad bowl, sandwiches, potluck, pic-nic, catered lunch, … the choice is entirely yours.
  • Ladies only [sorry, no kids except for the little ones that cannot crawl/walk/stand]

There is no excuse not to host an epicurean gathering!

  • If your home is too small, don’t worry: we can either limit the number of guests or you can organize it at a cozy restaurant.
  • If you don’t trust your cooking skills, team up with a friend or select the restaurant option.

Contact beATL with your selected date and beATL will send the invitations and reminders for you.

Important notes:

  • Your lunch won’t be published on the beATL blog unless you agree
  • If we are authorized to publish it, no private details will be shared (only your first name and your city)
  • RSVP will be handled through Whoozin

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