Reading for expats

  • The Brussels Time – The Brussels Times is Belgium’s premier daily online newspaper in English. Its mission statement is to provide expats, foreigners and internationally oriented Belgians with Belgian news and opinion pieces in order to help them understand what is happening in the capital of Europe, on a local level. They also publish The Brussels Times Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine which focuses on two notable components of Brussels, namely its role as the political capital of Europe as well as an international centre for contemporary art |

French and Dutch Schools

  • De Molenwiek (onderwijs op een kwalitatief hoogstaand niveau in de Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur voor kinderen van 2 tot en met 14 jaar – Lessen worden gegeven in Atlanta en Marietta) – Directeur: Jiska van Ede | (404) 542-1293 |
  • Lesson de Français (école privée – tous niveaux (français langue maternelle ou français langue étrangère)) – Directrice belge: Candy Johnson | 390 Prospect Place Suite 390, Alpharetta, GA 30005 | (770) 361-9755 |
  • L’École du Samedi (école privée – cours tous les samedis avec enseignants de langue maternelle française. tous niveaux (18 mois à adultes, français seconde langue ou français langue maternelle) – Directeur : Marc Mallet  | 2890 North Fulton Drive, Atlanta, GA 30305  | (770) 421-0850 |
  • Little Da Vinci International School (établissement privé, cursus franco-anglais maternelle (18 mois-5 ans) – Directrice : Soraya Rouchdi – 4055 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342 | (678) 510-1214 |
  • IVIO-Wereldschool – De Wereldschool is officieel erkend door het Ministerie van OCW en de Onderwijsinspectie. Net als elke andere school in Nederland is het onderwijs via de Wereldschool inclusief rapporten, citotoetsen, handelingsplannen en remedial teaching | WhatsApp: 06 107 602 20 | email

Artists (Belgian Artists in the US)

  • Eloise Lake (singer) – aka Eloise Schaerlaken, Belgian talent raised in Raleigh, NC.
  • Milow (singer) – in South California since 2012
  • Robin Verheyen (saxophone player) – “Robin Verheyen NY Quartet”.  Born in Turnhout, Robin is a NY resident since 2007.
  • Sarah Bettens (singer from K’S CHOICE) – currently lives in Johnson City, Tennessee where she became a firefighter in 2012 for one year before reforming K’s Choice with her brother Gert.
  • Francisca Vanherle Maxwell – Soprano and Voice Teacher, Francisca has settled in Atlanta
  • Celine De Backer – singer and actress

Bakeries – mostly French but so close to home



Expat Clubs


  • Les Creations de Thảo – private chef Thảo Boudard | (404) 959-9919
  • Cape Dutch with Belgian Chef Philippe Haddad – 1782 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 | (404) 343-0313
  • A la Flamande (catering) – Belgian Chef Tom Leroy | (404) 483-6668 | email
  • The Fry Guy – Belgian Street Fries/Atlanta Food Truck – Chef Andrew Long  | (404) 788-1280 | email



  • BelgianShop – shop online from Verviers!
  • Chocosphere – fine chocolates from around the world since 1998, including the Belgians big brands like Côte d’Or, Callebaut, Nirvana, Cafe-Tasse, Cavalier, Galler and many more … Based in Tualatin, Oregon.
  • Dutch Expat Shop, directly from Aarle-Rixtel, NL has a section dedicated to Belgian food!
  • Vander Veen’s The Dutch Shop located in Wyoming offers Dutch only items …  but it’s so close to home!
  • Belgian Chocs – no doubt, if you are dying for some Belgian chocolats, biscuits, waffles or speculoos, this is your online stop.
  • Chocolade van Brugge, a traditional Belgian chocolate shop located in the desert of Scottsdale, AZ. Proudly owned by Frederiek and Christine Verbeke.
  • Divine Belgian Chocolates – Florida based.
  • Gourmail – purveyor of fine imported and domestic chocolate;based in Worcester, MA.
  • Little Belgians – this cookie company in Berkeley, CA, owned by Evy Ballegeer, is specialized in artisanal and organic speculoos.
  • Crystal Organic Farm (Nicolas Donck) | 425 N Johnson St, Newborn, GA 30056 | (770) 713-4751.  Products can purchased at the Morningside Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings year round.
  • French Feast [close enough to Belgium] – based in Englewood, NJ.  Also Côte d’Or, farines Francine, Gini, chewing gum Hollywood, les Gavottes Crepes Dentelles, mustard Pommery, Lu, truffles, Teisseire fruits syrups, Vahiné products, …


TV & Entertainment

  • StievieTV – watch 10 Flemish channels on mobile devices (iOS/Android) or via AppleTV to watch on it your television. Quality is outstanding, you can record programs for offline viewing, and you can easily watch past programs (without need for recording). Members of VIW get a free 2-week trial and can use a coupon code (6 months for the price of 5).
  • is available through FTA Satellite, for free viewing of a selection of Belgian (VRT) and Dutch programs.
  • TV5Monde – via Dish Network.  The French Bouquet offers a variety of French and African programming including news, entertainment, top drama serials, musical programs, movies, documentaries, children’s programs, cultural programs, game shows, travel, classic movies, music videos and much more.
  • VoilaTV comme en France – A choice of  French 19 TV channels (France 2, France 3…) as well as thematic channels (music, youth, information, lifestyle, and sports). New channels and VOD programs will be added periodically.  You will receive a box similar to Apple TV.
  • Streema – a free online radio tuner to discover, share, and listen to radio stations with your friends. Listen to more than 70,000 radio stations and watch more than 10,000 TV stations here at the Streema directory.
  • Netflix –  Watch Movies & TV Shows Online or Streaming right to your TV via Xbox, Wii, PlayStation & many other devices.  They offer a “Foreign” section ….
  • FrenchFlicks – The agenda for all French screenings in America.
  • VRT NU – access to all VRT programs online [login with a Belgian zip code!]. The programs are typically available for as long as one month.

Looking for a Belgian… [don’t forget to mention beATL when you contact any of them]

  • lawyer
    • Georges Hoffman @ Carreras & Lemoine, LLP | (770) 351-1548 | email
    • Anton Mertens @ Burr & Forman, LLP | (404) 685-4267 | email
    • Anne Koch @ The Koch Law Firm, LLC | (404) 536-8295 | email
  • photographer
  • real estate agents | realtors
    • Patricia Kalmeijer @ Harry Norman, Realtors| (678) 386-3896 | email
    • Isabelle Gibson @ Harry Norman, Realtors | (770) 329-7948 | email
  • therapist

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