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Fun on the Beltline with beATL-time

Most of our group

Most of our group

There is no shame to say that our first beATL-Time was a franc success.  The pictures speak for themselves!  Thank you to all who participated and for the competitive souls, Queen Patricia’s time was 117 minutes.  Stay tuned … more events to come!  And don’t hesitate to communicate your wishes… beATL is listening!

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Clue Chase ATL – Beltline

The beATL Queens invite you to their very first beATL-Time … Are you ready to get up close and personal with all the art, architecture and history that Atlanta has to offer?

Let’s start with a Clue-Chase on the Eastside Trail of the famous and fabulous Beltine.  This scavenger hunt walking adventure is an entertaining way not only to discover the (paved) corridor but also to admire the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, now the largest temporary public art exhibition in the southeast, returning for its fifth year and featuring nearly 100 works of visual and performing art through November 15.

Solo or as a team (we recommend two solvers per team for competitive endeavors), solve clues and complete (easy) challenges from the Old Fourth Ward Skate Park to Parish, the Brasserie and Neighborhood Café where we will invigorate with a well deserved lunch or brunch depending of your mood.

It will then be time to submit your completed Scavenger Hunt Booklet.   The winner is determined by the number of points earned by solving clues.   As we expect many winners, some additional tricky questions have been added to make it more exciting.  The looser is probably still trying to find the restaurant ….

Meet the Queens at 10.30 am on Sunday September 21st, 2014.  The Clue-Chase ATL is perfect for the whole family, your friends and neighbors.

Please do RSVP before 9/18 for three obvious reasons: 

  1. we need to know how many booklets to print
  2. how many will stay for lunch.  Parish is excessively popular and in order to sit relatively close to each other, we must give them a head-count no later than the Thursday before our event.
  3. the event is rain or shine but in the unlikely event we do have to cancel the event, we want to be able to advice you ASAP

Important Details

Meeting Point – right at the edge of the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark – Willoughby Way, Atlanta, GA 30312 – on the side walk near the parking lot.

Parking – A limited parking lot is within direct access of the Skatepark.  If full, use off street parking on Willoughby and adjacent streets.  Don’t block driveways or fire hydrants and do not leave valuables in your car.

What to bring:

  • a fully charged smart phone with camera or a digital camera to take pictures
  • a pen or pencil
  • a liquid-filled for stable readings or download a compass app on your device
  • a water bottle, sunscreen, and any additional snacks you may need.
Etiquette – be mindful on the Beltline at all times, and always walk to the right of the center line.

Completion time – depends on many factors: age, pace, and number of solvers.  The Clue-Chase should take max 90 minutes to complete.


  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to move around quickly –  we only use walkable area
  • Restrooms are available mid-way and/or you can re-juice yourself at Juice It Atlanta (ask Patricia for a coupon)
  • Solvers 12 and older should be able to complete the entire hunt on their own. Younger children may need help from an adult.
  • This is a rain or shine event … Please RSVP so you will be advised of last minute change, if any.
  • For further questions, call/email Patricia at (678) 386-3896 or Alexandra at (678) 602-9132

What to do close by if you wish to extend your adventure:

  • ice cream @ Jake’s Ice Cream – 660 Irwin Street, Atlanta 30312 – for a well-deserved treat. Jake’s Ice Cream is an Atlanta cult favorite featuring flavors like Chocolate Slap Yo Mama, Brown Shugah Vanilla, Nutter Nanner Elvis, Key Lime Piescream, Diesel Fuel and Sin-Oh-Man! There are 100 flavors and counting. Most of our flavors are all natural and all of them are made with hormone free dairy and pure cane sugar.
  • Cabbagetown District – The Cabbagetown District, east of downtown Atlanta, originally consisted of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill and the housing built for the factory workers. The mill is a complex of buildings constructed primarily between 1881 and 1922. The main factory buildings are five-story brick buildings designed in a Neo-Romanesque style. Two of the three original mill buildings remain today.  Carroll Street Cafe is a popular venue for a bite.
  • Historic Fourth Ward Park  – Atlanta’s Historic Fourth Ward Park starts in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward behind Ponce City Market and stretches South to Freedom Parkway and the Carter Center.  The central amenity of the park is a large stormwater retention pond.  H4WP one of the first completed urban park elements of the Atlanta Beltline project.
  • Piedmont Park – Piedmont Park is a 189-acre urban park in Atlanta, located about 1 mile northeast of Downtown, between the Midtown and Virginia Highland neighborhoods.